A Professional Reproductive Examination for bulls provides breeders, vendors and buyers with assurance that bulls have a high probability of being fertile at the point of sale

A BULLCHECK® or VBBSE is a relatively quick and economical examination that identifies risk factors for a bull’s potential to be fertile in the future.

Individual opinions may vary, but accredited vets use a transparent, consistent and agreed set of standards developed by Australian Cattle Vets (ACV), and the exam is carried out in a consistent and highly professional manner in accordance with these standards.


Components of a Bull Breeding Soundness exam.

  • Scrotal circumference measurement
  •  General physical evaluation and examination of the reproductive tract
  • Crush side semen assessment
  • Sperm morphology

Crush Side Motility

The percentage of live normal motile sperm. This is measured at the crush side.

We Keep things warm

Sperm don’t like the cold. That’s why we use a heated microscope stage and a laboratory incubator to ensure the sperm is given the highest possible motility score.

Normal Morphology

The percentage of morphological normal cells in a fixed sample. Samples are sent to the lab for morphology assessment.

Quality Equipment

We use a modern olympus phase contrast microscope for sperm motility analysis. We also us Isperm(TM) for CASA (computer assisted sperm assessment) when necessary.

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