Three common senior pet questions

1. Can my pet get dementia?

Yes – we now know that, like humans, dogs and cats can suffer from dementia. Common signs include becoming lost in usually familiar surroundings, loss of toilet training, trouble finding doors and stairways, sleep disturbances at night, separation anxiety and staring at walls. We can help you support your pet through this – just ask us for more information.

2. Can I still exercise my pet as he gets older?

Yes – consistency is the key and this will help keep him mobile and lean. Don’t overdo it and avoid repetitive exercise such as throwing the ball twenty times over as this can place added stress on joints. We can advise you on an exercise regime for your senior pet.

3. Do I need to change my pet’s diet as he gets older?

Yes – senior pets need a well balanced diet that is generally lower in calories, but still has adequate protein, fat and fibre. Some pets will require diets high in essential fatty acids for arthritis support. We are the best place to seek advice when it comes to a senior diet.

If you have any questions about your senior pet we are always here to provide you with the best possible advice.